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Stories and sights from an Oatmeal Cafe in Ottawa, Ontario

1,000 Days of Oat Couture Breakfast Club

Remember back to the first weeks of the pandemic? Remember all the layoffs? Whole industries shut down, perhaps you were laid off. (But hopefully not!) For our own part we never closed the cafe and we never sent anyone home. Our staff of primarily students did opt to go home,

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Why Open An Oatmeal Cafe?

I think on some level most people like the notion of owning a cafe. Maybe they’ve thought of it and discarded it. Maybe they’ve taken it a bit further and made some loose plans. But for the rest of us, there is that fleeting moment when the thought was once

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in Ottawa

Oat Couture was born out of a desire to reinvent the way people think about oatmeal and healthy living.

We aren’t just making your grandmother’s oatmeal. And relegated to the instant food isle of your grocery store also isn’t the place for oatmeal. We make bowls that flirt with all your senses. No detail is left to chance. Our menu caters to every dietary need and preference. From healthy to indulgent, sweet to savoury, hot or cold. Our attentive and fun-loving staff are here to make sure that your experience is a memorable one.

Equal parts healthy and indulgent, fashionable and fun – Oat Couture creates a brand new category for breakfast in Ottawa. There are a lot of places you can get your typical 2-egg breakfast. We offer something exciting and totally different for both breakfast, lunch and brunch.

Fast. Healthy. Casual. Original.

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Our founder Brian

We opened our first location at 1154 Bank Street in Ottawa’s Old Ottawa South neighbourhood. A few years later, our second location was opened in Ottawa’s Centretown West at 750 Gladstone Avenue.

Both locations feature exposed brick, custom woodworking, and tasteful lighting and decor.

We’re always inspired by the creative pictures our clients take in-store: check out our Instagram stories to see some!

And be sure to tag @OatCoutureCafe during your next visit!

Family Owned

  •  Locally 
  •  Ethically 

A healthy, gluten friendly brunch in Ottawa that actually tastes good?

For starters, we believe in doing one thing and doing it REALLY well. That’s how we’ve come to make the best oatmeal in Canada. We use the finest organic, gluten-free and steel-cut oats.

Our oats, like most of our ingredients, are locally sourced. This isn’t just because they’re fresher that way. It’s also because we care about our local community and want to see it thrive. It’s also why the bulk of our ingredients are ethically sourced.

Gluten friendly with vegan and dairy free options