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On a mission to create a healthy breakfast in Ottawa

Breakfast in Ottawa has changed. Healthy and delicious breakfast is our mission.

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in Ottawa

Oat Couture was born out of a desire to reinvent the way people think about oatmeal and healthy living.

We aren’t just making your grandmother’s oatmeal. And relegated to the instant food isle of your grocery store also isn’t the place for oatmeal. We make bowls that flirt with all your senses. No detail is left to chance. Our menu caters to every dietary need and preference. From healthy to indulgent, sweet to savoury, hot or cold. Our attentive and fun-loving staff are here to make sure that your experience is a memorable one.

Equal parts healthy & indulgent, fashionable & fun – Oat Couture creates a brand new category for breakfast in Ottawa. There are a lot of places you can get your typical 2-egg breakfast. We offer something exciting and totally different for both breakfast and lunch.

Clean Safe Space

  •  Neighbourhood 
  •  Gluten Friendly Menu 

Our founder Brian

Our first location opened at 1154 Bank Street, Ottawa. With exposed brick, custom woodworking, and tasteful lighting and décor, it’s the perfect spot to “blow up your feed” on Instagram.

We’re always inspired by the creative pictures our clients take in-store: check out our Instagram stories to see some!

Family Owned

  •  Locally 
  •  Ethically 

Our vision is to be the hub of our ’hood’-, a vibrant place where our neighbours and friends can meet to chat, eat some great food, and have fun.

We believe in supporting the hard-working farmers of Eastern Ontario. As a result, our chefs cook with a variety of locally sourced ingredients. Our local steel-cut oats are a pillar of the business; our bowls just wouldn’t taste as fresh without them.

e prepare our bowls from scratch, which is why our oatmeal is the best in Canada.

Gluten-free with both vegan and dairy free options

  • 1154 Bank St
  • 750 Gladstone Ave

The Oatmeal bowls never stop rolling!

We're open 365 days a year

We now have multiple locations in Ottawa and continue to keep on growing.

Come join us and try something new. Reach out if you want to be a part of our growing story.

We can’t wait to re-invent Oatmeal – and breakfast, brunch and lunch! – for you.